All right then! Edit window set to 24 hours!

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Levina de Ruijter

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6 Nov 2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, EU
Image Editing
We had a number of people mass-delete their posts. This is not what we think of as fair use of the option to edit or delete one’s posts. Other people have responded to such posts, liked the images in it, etc. so those posts are part of an ongoing dialogue and should not be removed without a good reason.

There is also the issue of people removing their images from a post after a while, leaving the comments to such images without any context. And people who do entire rewrites, even after people have quotes or otherwise replied to their posts, making those replies unintelligible.

To prevent this from happening we had set the editing window from Unlimited to 60 minutes. After all too much complaining we have now extended that window to 24 hours. This will give ample time to write a comment, say, in the evening and in the morning find and correct the odd typo or misspelling.

I want to stress though that when somebody quoted or replied to a post, one is not to amend the post that is replied to. Typos and misspellings, yes, but no rewrites. Moderators will act on it and revert such a text to an earlier version.

If and when you need to edit a comment after the edit window is closed, you can ask a moderator to do it for you. Send a pm or report the post.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Focus on Photography staff.
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