A waning crescent sun...


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13 Dec 2023
Image Editing
This was not really prepared for, but opted pretty much at the last minute to try for this shot. We had no totality here in Colorado but I thought it'd be neat to try and capture the sun as a crescent.

Originally wanted to do mostly visual (well focus on that first) with the LUNT 50mm h-alpha telescope and secondary white light through a Herschel wedge on my refractor but couldn't get enough in travel for focus so spent the first half of the eclipse bumbling around.

Of course clouds also rolled in and somewhat thickened up.

Since the eclipse started, I decided to swap out the white light rig and see if I could get something through the h-alpha scope (the views where awesome in it)

Finally got things swapped out, needed a 2.5x power mate to fill the frame better but got something and a nasty surprise as I haven't imaged through this scope in a long while. Ended up with newton rings (the quark had a tilt adapter but the Lunt being back space limited does not).

But I somewhat got the image I was after. The second half of the eclipse I put the imaging kit away and just watched for a while until last contact.

So, a double stacked Lunt ls50tha telescope, power mate threaded with t adapter (televue) to an asi174mm CMOS camera. Taken at about maximum coverage.

The little scope provided a good show for my eyeball after the imaging. Sadly the images most where junk off band out of the sweet spot with newton rings in most of the frame fillers. Oh well. The experience was nice :)

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