And fertilizing all at the same time? Perfect landscapers.
There's much less fertilizer that I anticipated. They do good work on getting the vegetation under control and making us safer from wildfires. The grandkids love it and want to adopt a couple to take home. :)

Have not had much time to get out and shoot this week. Best I could do is this. Mama doe and her twins came by for a visit. Unfortunately the temporary goat fencing led them in another direction before I could get a better shot.

While I have a 50mm Nikkor macro for the Z50, I usually just grab the little Oly for close up stuff. Can go down to 3/8" by 1/2" working from the long end of the zoom. Did not need to go that close for these two shots. Very minor post image manipulation.

First shot is a Wild Rose, Alberta's official flower. One of these days I may get something I like enough to print & frame, maybe even this one.

Second is Yellow Salsify. The deer consider the flowers a delicacy, which is nice as it prevents them from making dandelion like seeds.


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