2023 Field Hockey

Anton Largiader

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15 Nov 2023
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The high school season is pretty much over, but one of our high schools did make it to states. This was the semifinal; they were up against a very tough team (who ultimately won the title) but we had some good moments. We're in black. This was a tall girl duking it out with one of the smallest, yet very skilled, players from Tabb.

R3 w/70-200, 2.8, 1/1000, 640 @ 95mm. Hazy day, I initially used cloudy WB but everything was a bit too warm so I went to sunny. Small boost to contrast and saturation.

And then at some point, size DOES matter...


Tabb won this one 5-0. They had a 22-0-0 record going into it and had only been scored on twice the entire season. They are a legendary powerhouse in field hockey.
One more (just to show that we had more than one player out there!). And it's worth mentioning that I really was kicking myself for standing the whole time. I almost NEVER do that and field hockey is one sport where you really need to kneel, because the players are staring down so much of the time. It's so hard to get eyes. I got more eyes than these pictures let on, but those aren't my favorites. I didn't have much FH experience this season, so I just didn't think to stay low. Live and learn.

R3, 70-200ii + 1.4X @280, f/4, 1/1000, ISO 1250 (but boosted 1.5 stops in post)
very cool - I know what you mean about kneeling, I've shot a fair amount of Karate and the lower viewpoint makes a huge difference!
Lovely action shots Anton

As an ex hockey player and being part of an almost Invincible team I know what that feels like.
Not much got past the backs and the goalie was on mopping up duties only :)

There sure is a contrast in player size in the top one.

Keep them coming.
I've shot a fair amount of Karate and the lower viewpoint makes a huge difference!
Wrestling season is here. Last year I shot that lying on my belly at the edge of the mat. Can't do that with FH though!
Keep them coming.
I think that's about all I have for this season. I might have a few snapshots from one game earlier but maybe not. Unfortunately, this time we just didn't spend enough time near the opponent's goal for great offensive shots. I was kind of avoiding FH games in favor of volleyball, and I do think I made progress on VB this season but of course that is over also. Maybe next year. I'm going to re-think my lens lineup for field sports, so if LAX goes well in the spring maybe I'll try to up my FH game for fall '24.

But surely I'm not the only one who was shooting FH this fall.
great shots! I bought myself a stool this year, rather than kneeling on the ground for my son's soccer games. also bought one of those stupid expensive Yeti bags (camino 35) ... holds the stool, camera bag, water bottle, and a coat with room to spare ... i love it
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