1. Mikbone

    Green Dock Beetles

    male rivals
  2. Mikbone


  3. Mikbone

    Common Crab Spider

  4. Mikbone

    Crane Fly

    This Crane fly has picked up a couple of hitchhiker's 9
  5. Mikbone


    I think these two are mating
  6. Mikbone

    common pond skater

  7. Mikbone


  8. Mikbone

    Roe Deer

  9. Mikbone

    Nettle Weevil

  10. Jack Dawe


    I couldn't find a thread for molluscs, so I thought I'd start one. This is a Brown-lipped Snail. What's going on here? Has it enveloped itself in a tent of slime to stop it drying out, or what?
  11. marfy

    We met him by chance....

  12. D

    Three toed sloth - just hanging around!

    Three toed sloth in Tortuguero NP in Costa Rica. Taken from a boat. The green colour of parts of the coat is not a colour cast, but rather algae which grows on the fur. It may help with camouflage.
  13. Mikbone


  14. Fogey

    Mother and baby

    Spider Monkey. A Mum and baby by Jeff F0gey, on Flickr
  15. Mikbone

    Soldier beetle

  16. Mikbone

    Nursery web spider

  17. Mikbone


  18. J

    Jumbo's March

  19. gewb

    Test pushing ISO

    Test shot pushing ISO with heavy crop and heavy post processing. Big Dry Creek Trail, Westminster, Colorado USA. Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, monopod and gimbal ISO 5000, f/9.5, 1/1000sec
  20. Mikbone

    Peacock Butterfly

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