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  8. Jack Dawe

    Victorian Post Box

    Complete with VR monogram.
  9. Aristosan

    The Edge NYC

    A couple of shots of the NYC Skyline from a top of Hudson Yards www.edgenyc.com The Edge-8 by Garagespec, on Flickr The Edge-13 by Garagespec, on Flickr
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  11. Aristosan

    Meet Minerva

    Sitting a top of Greenwood Cemetery which is oddly an attraction for people is Minerva in rememberance of the Battle of Long Island ( which is oddly in Brooklyn ) Minerva-6 by Garagespec, on Flickr Minerva-1 by Garagespec, on Flickr Minerva-3 by Garagespec, on Flickr Minerva-4 by Garagespec...
  12. Mikbone

    Canal life

  13. S

    Extract from an artistic fresco

  14. Lubos-PM

    Urban public transportation - trams, buses, trolleybuses

    Tatra KT8D5R.N2P is a three-section, partially low-floor tramcar. These trams are operated in Prague and Pilsen.
  15. Skygod44

    Get on your Bike đźš´

    Time to raise another one of my POTN threads from the dead. It was called, "Ride or Walk a mile, take a photo, and Save the Planet". (I think 🤔) So for FoP, a new version: And I'll demonstrate by example. 1) Only cyclists please. 2) Urban or Countryside is fine - I can't duplicate this in...
  16. Levina de Ruijter

    A Travel forum opened in Community Talk

    We have opened a dedicated Travel forum in the Community Talk section where all info regarding locations, places to stay, hotspots, tour guides and more can be shared for all sorts of photography: Birds, Wildlife, Landscapes, Urban, etc. The Travel forum is for information, questions and...
  17. LI Joec

    Show us your Fog shots

    I didn't see a thread for fog, so I thought I would start one being Fog can help create a very dramatic Image.
  18. OhLook

    Post photos of urban fragments (NO people or skies)

    The ancestor of this thread was begun by philmar in 2009. An abbreviated version of philmar's introduction follows. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * OK—anyone can take a shot of an interesting skyline or beautiful building. How challenging is that? A more challenging task is taking an...
  19. fotoi

    Look Down

    Look down and show us your photos. Open to all. Rothenburg, Germany. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM @24mm • 1/30s. • f/4 • ISO 1000
  20. I

    Lets See Your Abandoned and Dilapidated Buildings / Ruins

    Photos of old or new abandoned buildings, subway systems, ancient ruins etc...
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