1. Aristosan

    Post Odd Motor Vehicles

    This thread is for any motor vehicle that is out of the norm. An example is here.. I saw this at an event and it reminded me of the Dumb and Dumber Van from the movie and this person actually used this to tow their race car. ECB2024-9 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr
  2. R

    Some UK RAF aircraft

    Harrier Tornado
  3. 065A6282.jpg


  4. 065A6277.jpg


  5. IMG_2153DT.jpg


  6. IMG_4781DT.jpg


  7. IMG_20240224_170047.jpg


  8. KP5A9242-COPY-1-PS1-WEB$.jpg


  9. KP5A9259-COPY-1-PS1-WEB$.jpg


  10. CC5I6636-Edit.JPG


  11. CC5I6686-Edit.JPG


  12. Aristosan

    2024 Greenwich Contour De Sport

    Annual car show in Greenwich CT of some very rare cars and vintage cars. More pics to come Pagani by Garagespec, on Flickr Pagani Rear by Garagespec, on Flickr Mercedes Gullwing by Garagespec, on Flickr Concours De Sport-95 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr
  13. A

    C6 Corvette at night

    Some light painting on Friday night. Nikon Z7ii 85mm F8 10 seconds
  14. Well Bonded

    Any Plans For Doing Air Shows In 2025

    So far I have two. The Orlando Air Show and Wings Over Homestead. What has my attention at Orlando is this seating area which seems to sell out early0
  15. dougsmithsatx

    'Meet The Beetles!' Post up your best Bug, Bus, buggy & other VW pics.

    Always loved that little German auto (my first car was a oval rear window '57 Bug). Share your images - here's some of mine.
  16. Aristosan

    Old Red Chevy

    Driving around looking for this new mural I stumbled upon this beauty 20240523-IMG_3586 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr 20240523-IMG_3585 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr 20240523-IMG_3560 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr 20240523-IMG_3561 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr
  17. Ltdave

    USS New Jersey BB62 in dry dock

    the battleship New Jersey, a museum ship in Camden NJ is in the old Philadelphia Navy Ship Yard getting some inspection, repair and paint work done on here 'below the waterline' hull the museum is 'selling' dry-dock tours to help offset the expense of the work. estimated to be about $10,000,000.
  18. Aristosan

    Red Chevy

    Say this beauty parked up on my block the other day Timeout-14 by Garagespec, on Flickr Timeout-15 by Garagespec, on Flickr
  19. Stic2

    Airshow today in Feilding

    Took the boy over to an air show today...couple of quick edits... Silver Bi-plane by M Smith, on Flickr Red Bi-plane by M Smith, on Flickr
  20. Joeseph

    Unique Aviation shots

    Came across a folder of scanned shots from the mid-80's when my Dad worked for Air New Zealand & figured we don't really have a thread for shots taken specifically for older ones taken in places not in the public eye as it were. Guessing our members have a few of these tucked away, feel free to...
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