1. Twoshadows

    "What I See"

    This is a mixed media chronochromagraph. Lenses used were the usual, the Oreston 50mm f/1.8 at f/2 and the sigma 12 to 24 at 24mm wide open at f/5.6. This ccg was done in three parts on two tripods and two sets.The model is Nikki and it's his first time. He did well and I hope to work with him...
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  3. Twoshadows

    "Tchu Lookin' At'?"

    From the series, Through the Keyhole, this is a mixed media CCG featuring the Vivitar 28-90 @ f/2.8 and 28mm and the Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 @ f/2. Exposure time is 96s.
  4. Twoshadows

    "Fallen" (CCG)

    Models: Bianca, Julia
  5. Twoshadows

    Cornered (mixed media chronochromagraph)

  6. Twoshadows

    "Shush!!!" Feat. Bianca

    This is a mixed media chronochromagraph featuring Bianca as the model. Essentially this is a glorified double exposure that pays attention to the rules regarding exposing different colors and tones over each other. Kindness, Julia
  7. Twoshadows

    Latest chronochromagraph.

    Mixed media chronochromagraph. Exposure time was 33 seconds. Model: Bianca
  8. Twoshadows


    This is a mixed media chronochromagraph. Exposure time is 28 seconds.
  9. Twoshadows

    "Pouring Out" CCG explained

    Model: Hope Hybrid chronochromagraph. How it was done... Feel free to ask any questions about this process and I will do my best to answer. Kindness, Julia
  10. Twoshadows

    "The Clearing" (My latest CCG with detailed process description)

    This was a test of my ability to execute. Benjamin (the genie) was instrumental as a model, tech assistant, general assistant, idea man and pyrotechnic advisor. :giggle: The main difficulties lie in getting smoke to come out of a bottle and amass in a particular area with the proper shape...
  11. Twoshadows


    This one took a few tries. At first I tried playing both roles and it became apparent to me going it alone wasn't going to work. The red blouse I used is delicate and probably wouldn't have done well with too many costume changes. The second try was with a new model, Liz. I played the flower...
  12. Twoshadows

    "Of Judith"

    Some of you may have seen this photo on POTN. I'm posting it here as an example of the power of a chronochromagraph (CCG). Essentially, a CCG's potential is only limited by a person's imagination and ability to execute. šŸ˜Š This was done with one lens on one tripod. The shutter opened, the set...
  13. Twoshadows

    To paraphrase Picasso...

    ... if the work gives you no trouble, then the work is no good. I did the painting for this piece with one idea in mind, which I executed. The result didn't work for me, but I really liked the set I painted. Tonight I gave it another shot with a different idea. Technically this was a simple...
  14. Twoshadows


    After my last photo, this was a refreshingly simple chronochromagraph. One lens, two tripods, two sets and a relatively short exposure time. The day was filled with frustration. I had something in mind I wanted to do and I kept coming up with something else every time I tried picking up the...
  15. Twoshadows

    "A Glorious End "

    This is my first entry of 2024. This chronochromagraph, which all of them are made in my living room, or my "studio", lol, involved backing up out of my living room, through my dining room and kitchen, down a short hall past my bathroom, and all the way to the back wall of my bedroom with the...
  16. Twoshadows

    "Something Strange Happened On The Way To The Bar..."

    This is a hybrid mixed media chronochromagraph featuring the usual suspects, the Oreston 50mm f/1.8 wide open and a modified sigma 12-24mm @12mm and f/4.5.
  17. Twoshadows

    "Come Here You Little S***!

    Mixed media chronochromagraph, using the Oreston 50mm f/1.8 @ f/4 and a modified Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm f/4.5 and 24mm f/5.6. This is one of the more complex CCGs I've done, esp considering it involved using the Sigma on 2 different tripods and hand adjusting the modified hood without being able to...
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