1. TheFloridaShooter

    Pineland, Florida Sunset Two images taken 15 mins apart!

    One of the best sunsets I'm ever witnessed. What a difference 15 minutes can make, and the camera was never moved.
  2. just whistle

    Digital Speed Challenge #810 Sunrise, Sunset

    Let's see your early morning or late evening masterpieces. :) This challenge begins when posted and ends at midnight GMT on Monday May 20th. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. The Challenge Rules: 1. Camera: Any DIGITAL CAMERA is allowed. 2. Time: Any on-topic photo taken at any...
  3. R

    Close to sunset Cedar Creek Lake Mabank, TX

    Pretty night out and I wanted to get some pictures of the new playground going up so I didn't wait too long. These are close to sunset Cedar Creek Lake.
  4. Pagman

    Post your Colourful Clouds

    Lets see your colourful or even Rainbow clouds - P.
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