1. W

    A waning crescent sun...

    This was not really prepared for, but opted pretty much at the last minute to try for this shot. We had no totality here in Colorado but I thought it'd be neat to try and capture the sun as a crescent. Originally wanted to do mostly visual (well focus on that first) with the LUNT 50mm h-alpha...
  2. 4huskers

    Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

  3. gjl711

    April 8th, Total eclipse of the sun. Post your tips and info

    April 8th there is a total eclipse that's happening from Mexico to Newfoundland. Though I would start a thread to share eclipse photography tips and tricks as well as info about the upcoming event. I'm so lucky that I am right under the path of totality though I plan on driving about an hour or...
  4. Jeff USN Photog 72-76

    SOLAR - Show us your images of our sun

    I thought I would start this off with an interesting prom on old sol. Taken with a Lunt ED100 and Quark Chromosphere
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