1. R

    Oklahoma 11U Baseball

  2. K


    Had an awesome day on the river and the girls haven't lost there touch either.
  3. Aristosan

    Shot Some AutoX Today

    Shot some autox today on a cold spring day at MetLife Stadium. I'm going to slow down my speed until I can dial in this camera missed some shots. AutoX 3.30.24-5 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-7 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-21 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-40 by...
  4. wyntastr

    2024 IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring

    Another great event at Sebring.
  5. ronlane

    2024 Baseball Season.

    Thought I'd start a thread for everyone to post baseball photos. Today's JV game.
  6. strikerstu

    Masters Historic Racing Test Day

    A week after the GT Media Day and we were back at Donington Park for tha Masters Test Day. What a difference with the weather, sun, blue skies with a gentle breeze, Spring is on it's way. The stunning Ferrari 246SP was one of the highlights of the day R3SY7773 by Stuart Yates, on Flickr A more...
  7. strikerstu

    British GT Media Day

    Nearly two weeks ago, so a bit late posting. A very wet day to start with, but both myself and my camera were well covered so all was ok. It improved later during the day, but to be honest, I like the wet conditions. 22 Carl Cavers / Lewis Plato by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 78 Alex Martin /...
  8. Anton Largiader

    HS Tennis 2024

    The season has started! I've driven four trips so far (boys and girls from two different schools) and am only just now getting through some of the pics. This was from yesterday. It was a cold, windy and overcast day but then the sun peeked through for just a short time. Was on Cloudy WB but I...
  9. S

    High School Football

    High School Football
  10. R

    Oklahoma 4A State Basketball Championship

  11. Joeseph

    Pukekohe - sadly the track is no more...

    Spotted in one of the local rags, a pic of a digger ripping up the track at Pukekohe - very sad... a couple of shots of the track in full flight then: Craig Lowndes, V8 Supercars 2006 Bikes - Castrol Corner 2008
  12. ronlane

    2024 Softball

    Spring season in Oklahoma is Slow pitch or as I call it, HR Derby. This game was 31-10.
  13. mike.cambridge

    Rowing pics

    I'm a volunteer coach at an amazing womens' rowing squad here in the UK. We train in Ely, about 15 miles north of Cambridge. Some days when it's not raining (like this morning!) I take my camera too.... and some days, the morning light is amazing and I get an actual nice picture, not just...
  14. R

    Another young bowler....

    Managed some good stuff with this young lady a few days ago.....
  15. Jan1977

    Rugby photos here

    Back on POTN there was a general thread for posting rugby photos. Let's start one here (y)
  16. Burnet44

    A and T Aerobics and Tumbling

    Baylor vs UMHB
  17. R

    Baseball Season

    First of the year for baseball
  18. Anton Largiader

    Swim season 2024

    Not my favorite. I usually don't have good access, it's wet, I never pre-warm the gear enough for the environment, and honestly I think the pics all look pretty much the same. Rear quarter to get the breath on freestyle, behind on backstroke, head-on for butterfly, etc. They can look nice but...
  19. Bashernrb

    brands hatch rally stages 2024

  20. L

    Rodeo and Western

    I had started the Rodeo thread over at POTN. Starting it here, feel free to contribute.
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