1. academicnomad

    Water based turfs - Green color correction

    Water based turfs (hockey for example) cast a strong green cast on athletes' skin on sunny days. How do you handle that other than in the post work?
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  7. N

    2024 Hyperfest

    2024 hyperfest
  8. N

    2024 Sandblast Rally

    Sandblast Rally
  9. Aristosan

    East Coast Bash

    Shot some drifting this weekend ECB2024-59 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr ECB2024-80 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr ECB2024-82 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr ECB2024-89 copy by Garagespec, on Flickr
  10. Anton Largiader


    I'm a boring cropper. There, I said it. When I go through photos I tend to tightly crop the whole athlete. My thinking is that the feet tell part of the story (off the ground, very flexed ankles, etc.) as do for instance the raquet and ball (if it is close enough to include). But they all look...
  11. ronlane

    Golf - 2024

    Got the opportunity to cover a regional tournament for a team today. Here are a couple that I really liked.
  12. strikerstu

    VSCC Curborough Sprint Trials

    Last weekend it was back to the Vintage cars, this time at Curborough for the VSCC Sprint. A far more laid back meeting compared to my previous two, but just as enjoyable. 63 Edward Sykes by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 181 Bob Drewitt by Stuart Yates, on Flickr Stuart
  13. strikerstu

    British GT Silverstone 500

    We then move on to Silverstone for the British GT, 3 hour Silverstone 500 race. What a contrast to the previous weekend, but I do like shooting in the rain. 1 Darren Leung / Dries Vanthoor by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 69 Steven Lake / Nathan Harrison by Stuart Yates, on Flickr Stuart
  14. strikerstu

    Goodwood 81 Members Meeting Can-Am Cars

    A busy few weeks, so time to catch up on posting. Starting with the Goodwood 81MM, a few from the Can-Am demonstration. These have to be some of the best sounding cars you can hear. Jason Miller driving the distinctive Shadow MKIII by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 1969 Open Sports Ford designed by...
  15. bobpal

    Spring Football vs team from Japan

    Southern Oregon University played their spring game last Saturday. This time it was against the top college team from Japan. There are 200 college football programs in Japan. This was the fourth time this team has come to Ashland, Oregon since the mid 1980's for what is called the Mills Bowl...
  16. bigdave

    grass tracker

    well nearly, certainly the fastest lawnmower ive ever seen, spectacular spin off at Aintree this week on the track test day, congratulations to the riders especially the passenger in not coming off
  17. Joeseph

    Karate tournament

    Spent some time yesterday dragging the old 85mm f/1.2 around a quite dimly-lit hall whilst a number of competitors attempted various maneuvers on their opponents: Becs Vs Shyla: Alan Vs Mason:
  18. Aristosan

    Tire Rack Pro Solo SCCA Event

    Some shots from this event on Saturday SCCA Pro Solo-104 by Garagespec, on Flickr SCCA Pro Solo-78 by Garagespec, on Flickr SCCA Pro Solo-110 by Garagespec, on Flickr
  19. ronlane

    Olympic Kayak Trials

    Got to go to the Olympic trials that were in town recently. Here are a couple of images that I liked.
  20. rckitbuilder

    Drag Racing for Noble Oklahoma Thunder Valley

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