1. Immaculens

    Lightroom Summit - Free Seminar

    I participated in this Lightroom Summit when it was offered 2 yrs ago and it was great. All instructors are chosen based on their ability to communicate well and their expertise. Its free but you need to register. As a free participant there is a a timed window of how long each course is...
  2. SkedAddled

    Manufacturer-supplied processing software

    I just posted this to a thread in response to someone's displeasure of SONY's software at, and I realized it could be a worthwhile topic to discuss here at FoP. Please post any discussion you might like to include. Open-source alternatives such as DarkTable and RAW Therapee have...
  3. Skygod44

    DaVinci Resolve / Studio - the BEST video editing software there is.

    For a few years, I dropped stills photography and set myself up with the challenge of learning to edit video. It was tough at first, and I tried Premiere Pro. Well over a hundred projects later, and having taken the advice of a school mate (from waaaaaay back), who had his own...
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