photo editing software

  1. Stiga

    ON1 Photo Effects - free copy

    I found reference yesterday to the news that ON1 released a free copy of Photo Effects Plugin in January 2024. But when I tried to download it, ON1 indicated that the offer had expired. However, I felt sure that it must still exist somewhere. After a very long search taking me to many barren...
  2. West Coast Birder

    New Generative Remove tool in Lightroom is very good!

    This is an early access feature that popped up in my Lightroom. It uses Generative AI to remove objects with a single click. I really like the results so far! Here is an example - got rid of the sign and some other object next to the pillar with a single click each. I am especially impressed...
  3. RDKirk

    Subscription software. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it's just stupid

    Everyone hates subscription software. Sometimes, though, it makes sense. I have no problem paying my Adobe "Photographers Plan" for Photoshop because, frankly, I'd have bought all their upgrades anyway. OTOH, paying subscriptions for a simple utility that hardly changes from upgrade to...
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