1. Lake GunnDT.jpg

    Lake GunnDT.jpg

  2. Lake WakatipuDT.jpg

    Lake WakatipuDT.jpg

  3. 0569 Montana de Oro S P, CA.jpg

    0569 Montana de Oro S P, CA.jpg

  4. 0576 Montana de Oro S P, CA.jpg

    0576 Montana de Oro S P, CA.jpg

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  6. Mikbone


  7. 0768 Homer, Ak.jpg

    0768 Homer, Ak.jpg

  8. paddler4

    Peony in B&W

    I do almost none of my flowers in B&S, but this one was in a nearly uniform red that added nothing, and I thought B&W would better bring out lines without the distraction of the red.
  9. Crowns sunset 2.jpg

    Crowns sunset 2.jpg

  10. 2cruise

    Lily in B&W

  11. Mikbone

    Stitch wort

  12. hayath

    The rains are back and so are the critters!

    Some images from the weekend. 1. Rolled-up miilpede 2. Backlit owlfly 3. Coreidae eggs 4. Mating weevils All shot on the Olympus EM1 m2, 60mm macro, Godox TT 350O C&C sought. Cheers! Hayath
  13. TheFloridaShooter

    Pineland, Florida Sunset Two images taken 15 mins apart!

    One of the best sunsets I'm ever witnessed. What a difference 15 minutes can make, and the camera was never moved.
  14. Mikbone


  15. HannahsDad

    Question from seasoned traveler about celestial shooting in Grand Teton and Yellowstone

    So, we go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone every year and have for the past 13 years. We generally stay in each park for about two weeks, sometimes longer. I have just about all of the requisite shots in both parks. I am looking for some creative ideas from folks on what to shoot that hasn't...
  16. Pagman

    When the mountainside burned.

    We sometimes get some wild fires on the mountainside near us - P.
  17. bobpal

    Great Aurora of May 2024

    Let's see your Aurora shots from the May 2024 event. The Aurora was seen over a large area much farther south than normal. It was a result of a very large, rare solar storm. Show us you photos and tell us where you made them. The Aurora over Ashland, Oregon at 11:14 pm on May 10, 2024. 4 sec...
  18. Mikbone

    Blue bells

  19. Mikbone


  20. Mikbone


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