1. strikerstu

    VSCC Curborough Sprint Trials

    Last weekend it was back to the Vintage cars, this time at Curborough for the VSCC Sprint. A far more laid back meeting compared to my previous two, but just as enjoyable. 63 Edward Sykes by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 181 Bob Drewitt by Stuart Yates, on Flickr Stuart
  2. strikerstu

    British GT Silverstone 500

    We then move on to Silverstone for the British GT, 3 hour Silverstone 500 race. What a contrast to the previous weekend, but I do like shooting in the rain. 1 Darren Leung / Dries Vanthoor by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 69 Steven Lake / Nathan Harrison by Stuart Yates, on Flickr Stuart
  3. strikerstu

    Goodwood 81 Members Meeting Can-Am Cars

    A busy few weeks, so time to catch up on posting. Starting with the Goodwood 81MM, a few from the Can-Am demonstration. These have to be some of the best sounding cars you can hear. Jason Miller driving the distinctive Shadow MKIII by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 1969 Open Sports Ford designed by...
  4. bigdave

    grass tracker

    well nearly, certainly the fastest lawnmower ive ever seen, spectacular spin off at Aintree this week on the track test day, congratulations to the riders especially the passenger in not coming off
  5. Aristosan

    Tire Rack Pro Solo SCCA Event

    Some shots from this event on Saturday SCCA Pro Solo-104 by Garagespec, on Flickr SCCA Pro Solo-78 by Garagespec, on Flickr SCCA Pro Solo-110 by Garagespec, on Flickr
  6. rckitbuilder

    Drag Racing for Noble Oklahoma Thunder Valley

  7. ScoobyBullet

    Goodwood Members Meeting, April 2024, UK

    Another fantastic weekend... Lots of V8 thunder :)
  8. GuitarFreak

    Nürburgring photos

    I love shooting at the Nürburgring, so many great locations to capture cars on track. Here's a couple from the 24h qualifiers yesterday
  9. Aristosan

    Shot Some AutoX Today

    Shot some autox today on a cold spring day at MetLife Stadium. I'm going to slow down my speed until I can dial in this camera missed some shots. AutoX 3.30.24-5 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-7 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-21 by Garagespec, on Flickr AutoX 3.30.24-40 by...
  10. wyntastr

    2024 IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring

    Another great event at Sebring.
  11. strikerstu

    Masters Historic Racing Test Day

    A week after the GT Media Day and we were back at Donington Park for tha Masters Test Day. What a difference with the weather, sun, blue skies with a gentle breeze, Spring is on it's way. The stunning Ferrari 246SP was one of the highlights of the day R3SY7773 by Stuart Yates, on Flickr A more...
  12. strikerstu

    British GT Media Day

    Nearly two weeks ago, so a bit late posting. A very wet day to start with, but both myself and my camera were well covered so all was ok. It improved later during the day, but to be honest, I like the wet conditions. 22 Carl Cavers / Lewis Plato by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 78 Alex Martin /...
  13. Joeseph

    Pukekohe - sadly the track is no more...

    Spotted in one of the local rags, a pic of a digger ripping up the track at Pukekohe - very sad... a couple of shots of the track in full flight then: Craig Lowndes, V8 Supercars 2006 Bikes - Castrol Corner 2008
  14. S

    In the background again, happen to anyone else?

    Background: I'm fortunate to have media credentials that allows me to shoot different 4x4 races like Ultra 4 and King of the Hammers and every once in a while when I shoot, I wind up in someone's video or photo. This year, I (and my FJ) wound up in the live feed for both days of qualifying at...
  15. Bashernrb

    brands hatch rally stages 2024

  16. amarus

    My Passions - Motorsports & Photography

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself briefly: I come from Austria and my great passions are motorsport and photography. That's why I attend various motorsport events every year as often as I can, for example the Members Meeting and the Festival of Speed in Goodwood, races in the GT Open Series...
  17. MattyMX

    Motocross Photos

    These are from A Day in the Dirt at Glen Helen... It is such a great event to see or race.
  18. wyntastr

    Drag Racing! Post up your best.

    Let's see your drag racing shots! NMCA_19-9147 by Jonathan, on Flickr sick-045 by Jonathan, on Flickr
  19. the durkarian

    Post Your Best Panning Shots

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