1. AI9A3308-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

    AI9A3308-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

  2. Ecc233

    When the kids take it out of you

  3. bryanpereira

    Oh that feels good!

    I think the expression says it all. I do enjoy watching lions interact Nikon D850 200-400f4 310mm 1/1600 f5 iso400
  4. bryanpereira

    Fierce Lioness

    Part of a large pride I was observing D850 200-400 f4 1/500 f8 400mm
  5. bryanpereira

    Lioness and Cubs - Fun and Tragedy

    Interesting watching all the interaction, I liked the way the cubs wet fur rendered. The group went away and came back after a while, a third cub was dead, possibly it drowned or was weak. Im not sure the mum waited with it for a while then left D850 200-400 at 400mm f4 1/400 iso 400
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