1. bryanpereira

    Focused Lion

    This young male came right to me. I ended up having to switch from my 200-400 to a shorter zoom lens as he was moving closer D850 28-300mm 1/1000 f5.6 300mm iso 400
  2. bryanpereira

    Dreamy Relaxed Lion

    Just a nice animal portrait that I like D850 200-400 f4 400mm 1/800 f4 iso 800
  3. bryanpereira

    Favorite lion shot :-)

    Although not as 'cute' as some of my other lion cub images, it is certainly the most interesting for me, especially in the way its body is contorted. zooming in I can see my vehicle reflected in the cubs eyes D850 200-400 f4 200mm 1/500 iso 640 f4 7 meters
  4. bryanpereira

    On the Prowl (the forgotten files)

    I took quite a few shots of this lioness coming through the grass. Initially, I just glanced and didnt even rate the imported files. I had others with clear lions, kills, action shots etc that caught my attention. It wasn't until at least 8 months later just revisiting lion images did I take a...
  5. bryanpereira

    Lion with Breakfast

    Warthog snack anyone? D850 200-400f4 400mm 1/2500 f4 400iso Some more in my gallery
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