1. MMP

    Recommendations for Lightbox with Built-in Lighting?

    I'm looking for a portable lightbox setup. I have external lighting, but I'd like to find something that includes it's own built-in LED lighting for the sake of portability and simplicity. Something between 20-30 inches. My main concern is that there is really no standard measurement to judge...
  2. ImageMaker

    Broncolor Brochure !!

    Broncolor selected this studio shot (reposted below) for inclusion in their Para brochure . The young model was excited to be published in Broncolors brochure. It was her first time being published. The brochure shows the work of 18 photographers from around the world. …and motivating for me as...
  3. Melissa

    New To Strobes - R6 Compatibility??

    I would like to purchase an off-camera lighting setup for studio use. It will mainly be used for product photography and I would also like the option of using it for portraits. I will be using my Canon R6. I'm new to strobes and I'm having a difficult time figuring out what will work with the...
  4. Wilt

    Welcome to Flash and Studio Lighting

    This forum is provided as a means of exchanging information about the equipment and their use in utilizing portable flash and AC-powered lighting to not only illuminate our subject, but to also portray them in a manner which enhances their presentation in a photo. A camera and lens merely...
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