1. bryanpereira

    Leopard in Tree

    Not my best leopard in tree shots due to the distance and lighting but the most recent, taken 3 weeks ago on safari. Still one of favorite big cats to capture D850 200-400 f4 400mm iso 720 1/800 f6.3
  2. D

    "Blackie" - melanistic leopard

    We spent a week in Nagarhole NP in Karnataka State, India. Lots of good wildlife, but the holy grail was to see "Blackie", a "black panther" or melanistic leopard. The most anyone normally saw was a fleeting glimpse through the jungle, but on our very last game drive we rounded a corner and...
  3. bryanpereira

    Cozy Leopard

    The elusive leopard. Just chilling and ready to nap D850 200-400 f4 350mm iso 250 f4 1/800
  4. Ecc233

    Leopard drinking den at dusk

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