1. D

    Montezuma, Tatama National Park, Risaralda,Aug 2023 Colombia

    Montezuma, Tatama National Park, Risaralda Colombia IMG_7084_stitch_Montezuma by davholla2002, on Flickr Montezuma, Tatama National Park, Risaralda Colombia IMG_7078_stitch_Montezuma by davholla2002, on Flickr Montezuma, Tatama National Park, Risaralda Colombia EF7A7567_stitchMontezuma by...
  2. C


    A new thread for members to post their photos of geology. Both of these are along a highway in eastern Utah where I was killing some time until the Arches Park opened up. I actually had the first one enlarged and framed and it really looks nice. Let's see some more pictures of the interesting...
  3. Jack Dawe

    Golden Hour Photos

    We don't seem to have a thread for this and I couldn't think where else to put this shot.
  4. sparker1

    Post Your Fall Photos

    Fall may be the most photogenic season, certainly it's one of the most popular for photographers. Each region of the U.S. argues about which is the best. I've tried most of them and found beauty in all (even Florida, but it's tougher). Share your colorful photos of Fall, landscapes, not just...
  5. C

    Post your pics of rural rivers, streams and creeks

    Near Ouray, CO
  6. gmcphotographics

    Post your 2024 Landscapes

    Welcome to 2024! Post your 2024 Landscapes. Here's my first effort for 2024:
  7. Levina de Ruijter

    A Travel forum opened in Community Talk

    We have opened a dedicated Travel forum in the Community Talk section where all info regarding locations, places to stay, hotspots, tour guides and more can be shared for all sorts of photography: Birds, Wildlife, Landscapes, Urban, etc. The Travel forum is for information, questions and...
  8. Lester Wareham

    Post Your Black & White Landscapes

    Land A2022 St Cwyfans Church B5_16-05-22_001-02 BW by Lester W, on Flickr
  9. DavidWatts

    Post Your Best Barn Photos

    Old Barns, new barns, sheds, landscape shots with a barn or shed as a subject, all good here. The more iconic and older, the better. ;) As always, it is suggested to include some extra information about the photo such as where the shot was taken, or a little story about why you chose to shoot...
  10. Stiga

    Post your landscapes

    After the storm. Isle of Eigg, NW Highlands, Scotland
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