1. RDWP

    Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge #281: Shadow and Light

    In light of the eclipse over a swath of North America this week, the subject for #281 is Shadow and Light - all interpretations welcome. (BTW, I was able to get to the "Path of Totality" yesterday - as well as unbroken cloud cover :cautious:. It was still pretty impressive though; it went as...
  2. Jon

    Three word story

    There once was
  3. P

    Word Association Game

  4. Levina de Ruijter

    Digital Speed Challenge Sticky

    [In the title field] Digital Speed Challenge #XXX followed by your theme. -.-.-.-.-.- [In the thread] Give a description of what you are looking for with your chosen theme for the week's challenge. -.-.-.-.-.- [Copy/paste the below text] This challenge begins when posted and ends at midnight...
  5. Levina de Ruijter

    Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge Sticky

    Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge #XXX: Subject: XXX Describe the subject here. Remember, if you post a photo, you may be the winner. Be prepared to host and judge a new challenge. To submit, put your photo title in the first line of the post, followed by your photo, and click "Post comment." Your...
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