1. Mikbone

    Blue bells

  2. Mikbone


  3. Cheers

    Clematis on a lamp post

    5D3 with Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART. f/1.6, ISO800, 1/200.
  4. G


    A Tulip lit from behind.
  5. Mikbone


  6. Mikbone


  7. davholla

    Orchids, Montezuma, Tatama, Risaralda, Colombia, Aug 2023

    Orchids, Montezuma, Tatama, Risaralda, Colombia IMG_6904_Orchidv2-1 by davholla2002, on Flickr IMG_6908_Orchidv2 by davholla2002, on Flickr IMG_6909_Orchid by davholla2002, on Flickr Slipper Orchid, Montezuma, Tatama, Risaralda, Colombia IMG_6911_Orchidv2 by davholla2002, on Flickr
  8. Mikbone


  9. Mikbone


  10. West Coast Birder

    The Native Wildflower Thread

    I love wildflowers. They are beautiful and more importantly, native wildflowers are essential for healthy ecosystems. In this thread, please share native wildflowers from your part of our beautiful planet. Please stick to native species, as interlopers are generally not good for the ecosystem...
  11. fotoi

    Post Your Best Flower Photos

    A devil's trumpet (Datura). Canon EOS 5D Mark IV • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM • 1/100 • f/9.5 • ISO 200 The original POTN thread creator has not been active for over 5 years.
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