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  1. Capn Jack

    Conon 580 RX II does a strobe during test- how to do flash?

    I've a 580 EX II. When I push the "Pilot" button when it is red, I get a strobe rather than a flash. The flash is off the camera. It seems stuck in "Multi" mode. I tried setting it to manual "M" and "ETTL". The batteries have been removed and replaced- no joy. When giving advice, note that I'm...
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    Cosmos flower
  3. Wilt

    Welcome to Flash and Studio Lighting

    This forum is provided as a means of exchanging information about the equipment and their use in utilizing portable flash and AC-powered lighting to not only illuminate our subject, but to also portray them in a manner which enhances their presentation in a photo. A camera and lens merely...
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