1. Kuma5

    The (postal) Stamps thread show us your mail stamps.

    Don't want to hijack @ Daffodil Hunter thread here: about his Ansel Adams stamps. His thread motivated me to see what was in some of the envelopes and came across these 1945 releases:
  2. Daffodil Hunter

    Ansel Adams Stamps & Philately

    I collected stamps when I was in elementary school 50 years ago.. then my middle brother sold off my collection and I quit collecting stamps. I don't collect stamps nor do I believe there's any value or ROI in it. However, I had to get 2 sleeves of this. I may pick up some other interesting...
  3. Pagman

    Post your Other Hobbies

    Not sure if this is the best part of the forum for it (please move it to a better section mods if you think it needs) One of my other hobbies is building model scale figures in tiny 28mm scale - mainly in the Napoleonic period - Waterloo to be exact, so lets...
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