1. strikerstu

    Masters Historic Racing Test Day

    A week after the GT Media Day and we were back at Donington Park for tha Masters Test Day. What a difference with the weather, sun, blue skies with a gentle breeze, Spring is on it's way. The stunning Ferrari 246SP was one of the highlights of the day R3SY7773 by Stuart Yates, on Flickr A more...
  2. strikerstu

    British GT Media Day

    Nearly two weeks ago, so a bit late posting. A very wet day to start with, but both myself and my camera were well covered so all was ok. It improved later during the day, but to be honest, I like the wet conditions. 22 Carl Cavers / Lewis Plato by Stuart Yates, on Flickr 78 Alex Martin /...
  3. Pollo

    Cars from Fast and furious! (models)

    as a fan of f&f i went car hunting for the same car models from the movies! (gtr r34, Ferrari Mondial...)
  4. robadams

    Hood Ornaments

    From the local auto museum.
  5. A

    Automotive Light Painting

    I thought I would start an Automotive Light Painting thread…. So I’ll start. Nikon Z7ii Nikon 85 f1.8 10 second exposure F8 Godox LC500 light stick
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