1. J

    R-5 with EF 300 F2.8 L II & Extender 1.4x

    Has anyone tried R5 with EF 300 F2.8 L II along with Extender 1.4 x ? How was the IQ ? Hear this combination gives better aperture control which can not be had with RF 100-500. Would like to hear about it. Thanks Jai.
  2. RDKirk

    Canon's Third-Party Lens Agreements

    Okay, so Canon has announced agreements to allow Sigma and Tamron to release some RF-Mount full-capability lenses. Sigma has announced the first will roll out in July of this year. Sigma had stated early on that they were already at full manufacturing capacity with the lenses they were already...
  3. unreal

    Canon 60D

  4. D

    Sigma 24-70 F2.8 Art Canon mount

    Anyone using this lens on a R3 with adapter? If yes can you post some sample pics. Thanks Dave
  5. Yno

    Register battery to multiple cameras?

    Not that I have a second camera yet, but it is planned for the future. Can you register a Canon battery in more than one camera, or would this screw up the battery info function?
  6. D

    Canon 450D a.k.a. Kiss/ Rebel XSiCanon 450D a.k.a. Kiss/ Rebel XSi messed up settings

    I think I messed up my settings. I need to do 2 clicks on shutter button to take a photo. 1st click would raise the mirror - and would stay up until I click again. I haven't used this camera for a very long time. When I took it out, some buttons are already not working. I can't really...
  7. D

    Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

    I recently bought a second hand Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. I love my Nifty fifty 50mm 1.8. I just though I would get clearer and sharper pictures with the 1.4 version. Anyhow, i always have trouble using the AF points on wide open. I'm using Canon 7D. The focus was always off. Focus is either...
  8. West Coast Birder

    Canon’s 2024 Roadmap - Rumors that are huge if true!

    Lots of chatter about upcoming releases from Canon - promises to be a big year for Canon if all the rumors are true: 1. We long expected the R1 to be announced in time for the Olympics but now, rumors are floating that an R5 Mark II will also be announced along with the R1, possibly in a couple...
  9. Terrycanon

    RF 14-35 L distortion correction

    I thought this little experiment might interest anyone worried about the distortion on such a wide angle as the RF 14-35 L. These are before and after images, showing a photo taken at 14mm straight from the R5 and without correction. As I expected, the distortion is, errr, rather noticeable - so...
  10. peteraustralia2023

    Canon 6D

    I used to sell this camera after getting 5D3. However I missed its high iso noise reduction and pleasing skintone. Therefore, I decided to buy it again during 2020. It still great camera and used to be my workhorse for my wedding & event photography (not for business, but work as an assistan...
  11. Nick5

    Canon 5D Mark III

    My now Ten and Nine Year old Canon 5D Mark III’s with Canon Grips are still going strong to this. Used in many iffy conditions, rain, dust, Controlled Demolition, this Tanks are still going strong. as this is the year to put these friends into Retirement, on the shelf that is, I am actually...
  12. convergent

    Best non-L RF lenses

    For many years prior to mirrorless I've had primarily EF L lenses. I did this for a business for a while and then just kept my L taste when it went to hobby. I've been reading a lot about how the RF non-L lenses produce quite good results. I'm curious what experience everyone has had with the...
  13. Immaculens

    The Canon 7DmkII Discussion & Photos Thread ~

    Welcome Canon 7D mkII users ~ Posting Images? Kindly note which lens used in each shot. 7D2 w 70-300mm IS II
  14. 05xrunner

    Canon EOS R7 Owners Unite! Discuss and Share Photos

    Thought I would start the thread for the R7 Got mine a week ago. I have only had time to get out yesterday for a quick use at the Parade my son was in for band
  15. digital paradise

    Canon RF 200-800mm f/6.3-9 IS USM

    Who's in?
  16. MMP

    Canon EOS R5 Owners Unite! Discuss and Share Photos

    images courtesy of B&H Photo The Canon EOS R5 was officially announced on July 9, 2020 and became available for purchase in late July 2020. The launch price for the camera body was $3,899 USD. There was a kit option with the RF 24-105mm F/4L IS USM lens for $4,499 USD. Canon EOS R5 - Quick...
  17. MMP

    Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM Official Image Thread

    I'll get this started for my favorite RF lens thus far...
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