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  1. D

    Omega Centauri with EOS R3 and RF 600mm

    Located in the Constellation of Centaurus, the giant Globular Cluster Omega Centauri (NGC5139) is one of the showpieces of the Southern skies, Canon EOS R3, RF 600mm F4L, RF Extender x1.4. 10 x 60 sec exposures at ISO1600, F5.6. Dennis.
  2. R3 IMG_7714 Omega Centauri Crop 1600.jpg

    R3 IMG_7714 Omega Centauri Crop 1600.jpg

  3. PinholeR5

    Canon R3 Image Thread

    Let's get the image thread started.
  4. Anton Largiader

    Canon EOS R3 discussion thread

    As the originator of the POTN discussion thread hadn't posted to it in a year, here's a new one. I bought this fantastic camera a few months ago and have been having a blast with it. It's simply an incredible device. Now "only" $5000 in the USA.
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