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  1. West Coast Birder

    Canon’s big announcements coming the third week of July

    Looks like the R1 and R5 Mark II will officially be announced in about a month. Hold on to your hats! :D From Canon Rumors: Canon will finally officially announce both the EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II the third week of July. We're not putting an exact date on it yet (a pretty constant failure of...
  2. West Coast Birder

    Official announcement of the Canon EOS R1 is now expected in July

    According to Canon Rumors, along with the R5 Mark II release which was announced earlier. Announcing both these cameras simultaneously will lead to the inevitable comparison between the two and undoubtedly, a lot of kvetching about what how the R5 II was crippled to create differentiation to the...
  3. West Coast Birder

    Something is coming - Canon teaser!

    On Canon’s Twitter feed...
  4. West Coast Birder

    Canon’s 2024 Roadmap - Rumors that are huge if true!

    Lots of chatter about upcoming releases from Canon - promises to be a big year for Canon if all the rumors are true: 1. We long expected the R1 to be announced in time for the Olympics but now, rumors are floating that an R5 Mark II will also be announced along with the R1, possibly in a couple...
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