1. West Coast Birder

    Nikon Launches New Self-Service Repair Program for Select Products

    This is interesting.... Nikon is providing service manuals for their products on their website and parts and specialized tools for purchase so that end users can attempt their own repairs on their cameras and lenses. Details are in this petapixel article linked below. The direct link to the...
  2. West Coast Birder

    Something is coming - Canon teaser!

    On Canon’s Twitter feed...
  3. gewb

    Test pushing ISO

    Test shot pushing ISO with heavy crop and heavy post processing. Big Dry Creek Trail, Westminster, Colorado USA. Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, monopod and gimbal ISO 5000, f/9.5, 1/1000sec
  4. Weka

    Fuji GFX Users Unite and Discuss ...... Why did you move to GFX and what have you learnt using DMF

    I havnt seen a thread on the GFX series so intrested in how people have found it, what you have learnt.
  5. unreal

    Canon 60D

  6. R

    Canon 90D Owners Unite !! Discuss and Post Photos.

    Photos to follow at a later date when the weather conditions improve. I'm heading to Alberta in a couple of weeks so I have the following questions: 1. Have you tried the Wasabi version of the LP- E6NH in your camera? If so, how does it compare to the OEM battery? 2. If you have used the Canon...
  7. Immaculens

    The Canon 7DmkII Discussion & Photos Thread ~

    Welcome Canon 7D mkII users ~ Posting Images? Kindly note which lens used in each shot. 7D2 w 70-300mm IS II
  8. Capn Jack

    Canon R1 rumors

    I get the first thread in a forum section! :D Canon R1 prototypes are reportedly "in the wild" Iris tracking autofocus is improved over the R3 Quad pixel autofocus won't be featured in the sensor Sensor resolution is not reported, but is expected to be at least double the R3 24 megapixel...
  9. K

    Fuji Users Unite - Post your comments, questions and images here

    It is great with the dedicated threads for the current cameras, but maybe too much having a thread for each of the older Fujifilm cameras? Could we use this thread for the older models and (a lot of) pictures? Moderators feel free to change if you do not agree. All the best Klaus
  10. 05xrunner

    Canon EOS R7 Owners Unite! Discuss and Share Photos

    Thought I would start the thread for the R7 Got mine a week ago. I have only had time to get out yesterday for a quick use at the Parade my son was in for band
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