1. Fogey

    Understanding the Histogram.

    How many of us fully understand the histogram? I didn't until I was given this explanation by a zoologist/semi professional photographer. We've all heard the expression of a 32 or 64 bit computer operating system; bits and bytes, pixels and megapixels; Yes? Well all these are based on the...
  2. West Coast Birder

    Leica officially announces the SL3

    The new mirrorless full-frame system camera from Leica is now available. In 2015, Leica Camera AG introduced the SL-System, uniquely combining the two worlds of photography and videography. From the beginning, Leica has focused on partnering with its users and the photographic community to...
  3. Gene Spearman

    Canon 80D Users Unite

    The 80D is still a viable camera. Post your photos.
  4. peteraustralia2023

    Canon 6D

    I used to sell this camera after getting 5D3. However I missed its high iso noise reduction and pleasing skintone. Therefore, I decided to buy it again during 2020. It still great camera and used to be my workhorse for my wedding & event photography (not for business, but work as an assistan...
  5. Skygod44

    Olympus PEN cameras

    Pictures of them, or taken by them.
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