1. W

    A shed

    Not sure this one works. Seen this shed a few times and been trying to work it... Actually been trying to work this somewhat new open space area.
  2. _MGL1860-COPY-5-PS2-IN$.jpg


  3. Lucky7

    Houses, homes, cabins, cottages, etc.

    ....New, old, in between. Big, small, medium. Occupied, vacant, whatever. City, suburb, rural - no rules. Oakland Twp., MI. Leica Q.
  4. C

    Lloyds Lift

    Hasselblad x1d ii, 45mm f3.5, f9.5, 1/320
  5. richardyoung


    I love neon, but I guess that is what you get growing up in vegas
  6. 4matic

    Post your Dam pictures

    Coulee dam001 by Neal Talaiver, on Flickr Coulee dam002 by Neal Talaiver, on Flickr Coulee dam004 by Neal Talaiver, on Flickr
  7. I

    Just buildings all sorts

    Photos of all kinds of buildings.
  8. I

    Lets See Your Abandoned and Dilapidated Buildings / Ruins

    Photos of old or new abandoned buildings, subway systems, ancient ruins etc...
  9. I

    Post your Doors / Gates

    Photos of Doors, Gates, ....
  10. DavidWatts

    Post Your Lighthouses!

    Lighthouses! They all have character and charm of their own. Thousands of them still stand, and many are even in working condition. They're old, bold, beautiful and charming architectural gems of the past. This is a thread to not only display your photographic view of lighthouses, but maybe add...
  11. DavidWatts

    Post Your Best Barn Photos

    Old Barns, new barns, sheds, landscape shots with a barn or shed as a subject, all good here. The more iconic and older, the better. ;) As always, it is suggested to include some extra information about the photo such as where the shot was taken, or a little story about why you chose to shoot...
  12. fotoi

    Post Your Castle Photos

    Heidelberg Castle, Germany. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM @33mm • 1/4 • f/8 • ISO 100
  13. fotoi

    Post Your Architectural Arches

    Place des Vosges, Paris. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM @47mm • 1/100 • f/6.7 • ISO 1000
  14. fotoi

    Post Your Art of Architecture - Not Real Estate Photography

    Queen's House, Greenwich, England. Canon EOS 5DS R • Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM @28mm • 1/15 • f/8 • ISO 250
  15. fotoi

    Your Best Church Shots

    Show us your best church , chapels, parishes, etc.
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