1. TheFloridaShooter

    Burrowing Owls - Launch into Flight

    Burrowing Owl Launch - I could photograph these little owls everyday and not get bored. It's hard to believe they live underground. Camera: Sony a9iii + FE 400mm F/2.8 GM photographed in SW Florida. Camera Setting: ISO 340-1000 f/4.5 - 8 1/5000. Instagram...
  2. Mikbone

    Goosander female

    what a massive difference a nice bit of dappled light makes, its been grey, cold and overcast for weeks
  3. 4huskers

    Nap time Barred Owl owlets

  4. Mikbone


    They are just on the edge of capture, they are off if you try get a bit closer.
  5. marfy

    Tringa nebularia, Vodouš šedý, Greenshank

  6. 4huskers

    Yellow-breasted Chat

  7. Mikbone


  8. Mikbone


  9. Mikbone


  10. Mikbone

    coal tit

    Love these little birds
  11. marfy

    Reed Bunting

  12. TheFloridaShooter

    Snail Kite Challenge

    Snail Kite Challenge - with the winds blowing 25-35mph, I knew the Kits were going to have some difficulty locating Apple Snails. I decided to only photograph them low to the water surface or in a tight turn. These birds are quite the acrobat and they did not disappoint. Images taken in...
  13. Capn Jack

    Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Florida

    Wakodahatchee Wetlands is near Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton. There is a lot of wildlife there. I saw alligators, many birds, and lizards such as iguana and basilisk lizards, a raccoon, and a turtle. I recommend a visit here. Feel free to add other good Florida...
  14. Mikbone

    Song Thrush

  15. Mikbone


  16. Mikbone


  17. mike.cambridge

    Superb Owls!

    Dont think there's an owls thread - what have you got? Here's a short-eared owl, a winter visiter to the UK. We had 7 living down the road from us this year, they got very used to the line of photographers around 'their' hunting field!
  18. F


    Flamingo bathing.
  19. 4huskers

    Altamira Oriole

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