1. Skygod44

    Get on your Bike đźš´

    Time to raise another one of my POTN threads from the dead. It was called, "Ride or Walk a mile, take a photo, and Save the Planet". (I think 🤔) So for FoP, a new version: And I'll demonstrate by example. 1) Only cyclists please. 2) Urban or Countryside is fine - I can't duplicate this in...
  2. TheBigYin

    Motorbikes - old or new - open thread, post your Favourites

    I've been a motorbike nut since I was 7 years too young to get a Licence in the UK... Even when I've not had a bike in the Garage, I've loved taking photo's of them... Surprisingly, I don't seem to have many pictures around anymore after various disasters (home fire took out most of my film...
  3. Terrycanon

    Post your bicycles

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