1. TheFloridaShooter

    Florida Female Snail Kite

    Female Snail Kite - she was the only Snail Kite I saw this afternoon, normally I see a couple males but not today. Images capture on April 14, 2924 in SW Florda, Camera: Sony Alpha 1 + FE 600mm f/4 GM. Shot at ISO 640 600mm f/4 1/4000
  2. TheFloridaShooter

    Burrowing Owls - Launch into Flight

    Burrowing Owl Launch - I could photograph these little owls everyday and not get bored. It's hard to believe they live underground. Camera: Sony a9iii + FE 400mm F/2.8 GM photographed in SW Florida. Camera Setting: ISO 340-1000 f/4.5 - 8 1/5000. Instagram...
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  4. 20220308_R6_010.jpeg


    Red-crested pochard
  5. Levina de Ruijter

    Post your Birds in Flight

    We can’t have a new forum without a Birds in Flight thread. So post away! Grey heron
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