1. Mikbone


  2. Pagman

    Jupiter and sons

    A few of mine - mega cropped as needed. P.
  3. Slagrim

    M 64 Black Eye Galaxy

    Messier 64 is known for the spectacular large dark band of dust in front of its bright central region. M 64 has two counter-rotating disks roughly equal in mass, possibly as a result of a merger with a smaller satellite galaxy in a retrograde orbit or of ongoing accretion of gas clouds from the...
  4. Slagrim

    NGC 4535 (Lost Galaxy of Copeland)

    Located in the constellation of Virgo NGC 4535 has a hazy, somewhat ghostly, appearance when viewed from a smaller telescope. The bright blueish colors indicate the presence of young hot stars. Yellow tones of the central area is home to stars which are older and cooler. The galaxy was captured...
  5. S.R.M.

    Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks from the Southern Hemisphere

    Not a great image, but here is Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks from the light-polluted inner suburbs of Brisbane last night. Comet 12P Pons-Brooks 29Apr24 by Stephen Mudge, on Flickr
  6. Slagrim

    The Magnificent Galaxy M82 in Ursa Major Constellation

    M 82’s long cigar shape resembles an edgewise spiral galaxy, and better photographic techniques reveal fountains of material thrown violently upward and downward from its flat central plane. A few hundred million years ago, last close encounter with M 81 stirred up M82 and roiled its gases...
  7. amyandmark3

    Crappy photo of the Devil Comet

    I know nothing about shooting comets. But, inspired by one of Alyn Wallace's (RIP) last videos, I decided to give it a go this past Thursday evening. I attached my EF 100mm L macro lens to my R7 and headed for a lesser polluted skies. I used that lens because it's the only one I own in that...
  8. Slagrim

    SpaceX - one more pic.

    On the third photo it is ready to leave Earth's atmosphere. And on right side, you can notice separated first SpaceX stage. It was quite bright flash of light and 0.5 second later it was look like on the photo.
  9. Terry McDaniel


    Trying to photograph Pons-Brooks, got a faint image of the comet and two accidental meteors. I also saw a super bright meteor, but didn’t have the shutter open for it.
  10. Slagrim

    M 106 Galaxy

    The M106 galaxy, also known as NGC 4258, is an intermediate spiral galaxy located in the constellation Canes Venatici. The galaxy features a unique combination of spiral arms and a compact central region, with a supermassive black hole at its core. One of the most intriguing aspects of M106 is...
  11. Jeff USN Photog 72-76

    SOLAR - Show us your images of our sun

    I thought I would start this off with an interesting prom on old sol. Taken with a Lunt ED100 and Quark Chromosphere
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