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  6. XM496 engine blanks 1.jpg

    XM496 engine blanks 1.jpg

  7. Well Bonded

    Any Plans For Doing Air Shows In 2025

    So far I have two. The Orlando Air Show and Wings Over Homestead. What has my attention at Orlando is this seating area which seems to sell out early0
  8. Stic2

    Airshow today in Feilding

    Took the boy over to an air show today...couple of quick edits... Silver Bi-plane by M Smith, on Flickr Red Bi-plane by M Smith, on Flickr
  9. Joeseph

    Unique Aviation shots

    Came across a folder of scanned shots from the mid-80's when my Dad worked for Air New Zealand & figured we don't really have a thread for shots taken specifically for older ones taken in places not in the public eye as it were. Guessing our members have a few of these tucked away, feel free to...
  10. Lubos-PM


  11. Joeseph

    Vickers Supermarine Spitfire

    Thought it about time this superb aircraft had a thread of it's own! [please feel free to add your shots.] PV270, now owned by Brendan Deere (nephew of Air Commodore Alan Deere, DSO, OBE, DFC & Bar) this airframe was originally built around 1943/44 and served various roles & countries until...
  12. SkedAddled

    Museum Aircraft - Show us yours!

    I've got a big Fokker to show off.
  13. Mannyromano123

    Prop blur

    P-63 Kingcobra "Pretty Polly", Apple Valley Airshow 2023.
  14. J

    Air Shows

    Fleet week San Francisco
  15. mikeeagle

    Belly shots

    20230923-IMG_2130 by mikeeagle1963, on Flickr
  16. Levina de Ruijter

    Aviation, post your photos

    Post photos of any machine flying.
  17. Joeseph

    Post your old military aircraft photos

    Something from the archives - NZ4206 RNZAF Lockheed P-3K2 Orion Whenuapai, circa 2003...
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