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  2. F

    Success or failure??

    I have recently returned from my 3rd visit to the Chobe river with the Pangolin safari team. This time I had specific shots that I wanted to achieve. If it had been a professional assignment I would have failed but as am amateur I got a few "also rans" that I am happy with. If it had been a...
  3. bryanpereira

    Focused Lion

    This young male came right to me. I ended up having to switch from my 200-400 to a shorter zoom lens as he was moving closer D850 28-300mm 1/1000 f5.6 300mm iso 400
  4. bryanpereira

    Silver Back Jackal

    Something different from my usual big cats. Jackals tend to be quite skittish and spend a lot of time running around (mostly on the roads) as they sniff out scavenger opportunities. This one posed for a few shots Nikon D850 200-400 f4 340mm 1/800 f 5.6 iso 1600
  5. bryanpereira

    Dreamy Relaxed Lion

    Just a nice animal portrait that I like D850 200-400 f4 400mm 1/800 f4 iso 800
  6. bryanpereira

    Elephants in Water - recent safari

    Been away on a wonderful safari for 2 weeks. Here are some shots from day 1 D850 28-300mm 180-250mm f5.6 1/1250 iso 400
  7. bryanpereira

    Golden Light Lions

    Two ladies up early to get some breakfast D850 200-400 f4 380mm 1/500 f9 iso 400
  8. Dragonspeed

    Birds of Africa

    When posting your bird, please include: Common name Scientific name Ccountry, at least When it was taken, if possible. Starting with the very first bird from my very first Safari. Not even into the National Park yet.... Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus), Tanzania (Near Arusha), May 2009...
  9. bryanpereira

    Croc vs Zebra

    An exciting encounter on my last photo safari. The zebra ventured in a few times so I got to see the action repeat and get lots of images. The light was good and I was quite close so it was easy to shoot, just had to do some minor repositioning of the vehicle. I can only post two here but if...
  10. bryanpereira

    Cozy Leopard

    The elusive leopard. Just chilling and ready to nap D850 200-400 f4 350mm iso 250 f4 1/800
  11. bryanpereira

    Favorite lion shot :-)

    Although not as 'cute' as some of my other lion cub images, it is certainly the most interesting for me, especially in the way its body is contorted. zooming in I can see my vehicle reflected in the cubs eyes D850 200-400 f4 200mm 1/500 iso 640 f4 7 meters
  12. bryanpereira

    On the Prowl (the forgotten files)

    I took quite a few shots of this lioness coming through the grass. Initially, I just glanced and didnt even rate the imported files. I had others with clear lions, kills, action shots etc that caught my attention. It wasn't until at least 8 months later just revisiting lion images did I take a...
  13. K

    Recommendations for photo safari companies/tours in Africa

    Hi folks, I will be moving to Ethiopia during the summer for work and will be there for the next few years. My work affords me quite a bit of holiday time, and I imagine much of it will be on safari for at least the first couple of years. I hope some folks here might be able to recommend some...
  14. bryanpereira

    Lion with Breakfast

    Warthog snack anyone? D850 200-400f4 400mm 1/2500 f4 400iso Some more in my gallery
  15. bryanpereira

    Oh that feels good!

    I think the expression says it all. I do enjoy watching lions interact Nikon D850 200-400f4 310mm 1/1600 f5 iso400
  16. bryanpereira

    Lion vs Hyena

    These lions were with a buffalo kill when the hyenas started appearing. They soon got tired of them getting too close and this scene unfolded in a few seconds. I decided to exclude the most graphic pictures of the hyena ripping the lion's jaw. It's on my site in the gallery if you want to see...
  17. bryanpereira

    Whispering Lion

    I liked the relaxed 'moment' and light. D850 200-400 f4 1/1000 f4 iso 400 400mm
  18. D

    Painted wolves

    My favourite predator! Images taken in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. I think the first image just shows how perfectly adapted the animal is as an endurance predator - long legs and powerful jaws. The second image I just like!
  19. bryanpereira

    Martial Eagle and Wart Hog

    Largest of the African Eagles captures a wart hog. I dont shoot alot of birds but couldnt resist this one as it posed for me and was close. Nikon D810 200-500mm 480mm 1/800 f5.6 iso160 SP
  20. bryanpereira

    Elephants at Play

    Just liked the composition of these elephants at play D850 200-400 f4 350mm 1/400 f4 iso720
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