Flexible DOF calculator

Flexible DOF calculator 2023-11-22

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This DOF Calculator, by Cambridge in Color, not only can mimic what we see as DOF lines engraved on lenses (basic calculator), but it can also calculate the DOF Zone which is perceived by folks whose visual acuity actually is what our Optometrist strives to achieve in prescribing corrective lenses (in USA, 20/20 vision). The typical DOF calculator assumes a viewer with somewhat poorer vision, meaning the calculated DOF Zone has deeper depth than a person with better vision would perceive. This is the reason why many veterans in photography use the lens' DOF zone lines for a Wider Aperture than the actual aperture to be used for the shot...to make the DOF zone more realistically shown.

After going to the link, select 'show advanced' in gold text in the upper right corner of the calculator, to get to the 20/20 vision calculator.

This flexible calculator also permits the selection of print size (not merely the standard assumed 8" x 10" print), and also the viewing distance can be set to what is expected (not merely assuming the standard 12" viewing distance)

The attached example shows the Advanced page, with 20/20 vision selected, assuming a 'crop' frame size...
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